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Blue Ocean Hotel is a newly established hotel. This hotel is a medium-sized hotel with 25 rooms in total. This hotel includes single, double, triple, and quad rooms. Additionally, they offer three meal plans, including local meals, Chinese meals, and French meals. These meal plans can be requested while making room reservations. This hotel requires a Room Reservation System customized to the business process.

1. A customer can come to the hotel in person or contact the front desk over the phone for a reservation.
2. Once the customer inquires about rooms and packages, the receptionist provides them with the relevant details by referring to the system.
3. Once the customers make their pick, the receptionist will check the availability of the rooms and inform them. If the requested type is not available, the receptionist should find other suitable types and suggest them to the customer from the information in the system.
4. The following information will be requested from the customer when making a reservation:

b. National Identity Card Number
c. Telephone Number
d. Email
e. Address

5. Once the reservation is made, the system will print a token for the customer. The receptionist will email the receipt to the customer later on(if the customer contacts through phone). If it’s a walk-in customer, the receptionist will print the token for the customer.

6. If the customer makes a reservation for a night, the hotel room should be emptied by 11.00 am the next day.
7. If the customer books a room for a day or longer period, they should move out of the room by 9.00 am on the day after the requested period.
8. Cleaners of the room will take one hour to clean a room after a customer moves out, so the rooms will not be available for reservation until the cleaning ends.

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Looking for Plagiarism free Answers for your Sri Lanakan college/ university Assignments.

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