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University University Of Colombo (UOC)
Subject Global Logistics And Supply Chain Management

Learning Outcomes:

1. Demonstrate a sound understanding of contemporary theories and practices within the areas of Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

2. Evaluate critically the appropriateness of the theoretical concepts within a variety of differing organizations and evaluate the issues and problems concerning the implementation of these concepts at the operational level.

Globalization of industry and commerce has brought with it many benefits but also a multitude of challenges. Companies that once served only local markets now reach out to customers and consumers located far from their original home base. At the same time, their sourcing and manufacturing arrangements extend around the world.

As a result, their supply and distribution networks have become more complex and often more uncertain. The task of managing and coordinating this global web of physical and information flows has become a key priority for businesses as they strive to remain competitive in a turbulent and constantly changing marketplace.

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Consequently, the need for higher levels of logistics and supply chain management capabilities is now greater than ever before.

However, as this globalization of supply chains continues apace there is a growing skill and talent gap in terms of the availability of managers with the knowledge and experience that is essential for the effective management of these complex networks. One way in which this gap is being closed is through the increased provision of specialist graduate‐level and post‐experience courses offered by a growing number of universities, business schools, and other institutions.

To support these educational and management development initiatives it is vital that relevant and practical sources of information and up‐to‐date case material are easily accessible. It is, therefore, to be welcomed that this new edition of Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management has now been published.

Building on the success of earlier editions, this book has become one of the leading texts in its field. Students and managers who read this book and learn from it and build upon the ideas and insights it contains can only benefit.

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Looking for Plagiarism free Answers for your Sri Lanakan college/ university Assignments.

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