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University London Metropolitan University (LMU)
Subject MN6003: Strategy

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the main issues confronting an organization when developing and implementing strategic change and make recommendations for managing and implementing change effectively
  • Demonstrate an understanding of a range of different approaches to the process of strategy development and be able to critically discuss the limitations and relevance of different approaches and practices for a particular context, such as a very fast-changing  environment

You are required to produce an analytical paper of up to 2,500 words, based on the Nissan and Renault alliance case study and the 3 questions shown below.

Your paper should demonstrate your ability to apply a range of strategic change models to gain constructive insight into the change process within the Nissan and Renault alliance.

  • Apply Balogun and Hope Hailey’s Change Kaleidoscope model and Lewin’s Forcefield Analysis to the case and use this to discuss the strategic change context, at the start of the change process.

Note: you should discuss what the most challenging aspects of the changing context were and what were the most enabling or helpful aspects.

  • Apply Johnson’s Cultural Web model to the case and use this to compare and contrast the culture of Nissan and Renault before the change. You must create a table so you can apply the web in comparison.

Note: you should discuss the most significant similarities and differences between companies and how the cultural changes were achieved. In addition, you may use any other relevant academic theory to develop and support your ideas.

  • Critically evaluate the change process that took place at Nissan and Renault alliance by applying Kotter’s 8 Change Steps model.

Note: you should discuss what seemed to work well or not so well, did the process follow Kotter’s change steps or was there something more they might have done to ensure the success of the change?

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