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University University of Kelaniya (UOK)
Subject Geography

Learning Outcomes

  1. Synthesize underlying geospatial concepts and apply them appropriately;
  2. Critically evaluate forms of social analytics, applying appropriate techniques on social information;
  3. Determine, design, prototype, and implement geospatial applications;
  4. Critically evaluate and identify emerging technologies and research areas relevant to geospatial analytics.

Task 1 

  1. The utilization of geospatial information is widely associated in a social context with the support of different geospatial applications.

 Discuss the techniques in conducting a geospatial analysis using each following application and presenting the result/output with social media.


  • GQ
  • ArcGIS Online
  • Open Street Maps
  • Google Maps


  • Data Input
  • Data Management
  • Operations and function
  • Data output
  1. The usage of geospatial technology is very minimal in Sri Lanka, compared to other countries in the world. 

Resources management and Taxation are two (2) different geospatial applications, which can fulfill the current needs of Sri Lankans. Although these applications can fulfill Sri Lankan needs, they are not being implemented in Sri Lanka, yet. Prepare a proposal to implement those applications in Sri Lanka. Following aspects should be incorporated in each proposal

  • Need assessment
  • Different types of data to be input
  • Proposed functions / operations
  • Expected output

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 Task 2 

Geospatial analysis can be applied for matters not only contexts in social, but also environmental, economic, and political.

The objective of this exercise is to identify spatial regions deemed as potentially suitable locations for the development of wind energy production. The desire of this particular case is to identify suitable locations for wind energy production in Ward 21 of the Ottawa, Ontario region.

The Provincial Government of Ontario has provided the following restrictions in relation to the spatial placement of wind energy turbines for use of commercial applications:

  • 135m from all existing public roadway
  • 135m from all existing railway lines
  • 1000m from all existing transmission lines
  • The extent of the spatial region should be greater than 5000ha.
  • Wards in Ottawa
  • Road segments of Ottawa
  • Railways of Ottawa
  • Transmission lines of Ottawa

Task 3 

Use of python programming to analyze Geospatial data in a social context

You are provided all kinds of crime details during the first six month of the year 2017 in the Colombo Municipal Council area. Further details of schools and police stations are also provided. You may use graphs, charts, or maps, where necessary, and explain your answer to the following questions.

  1. What are divisions having the highest overall crime densities?
  2. What is the most occurring crime in each division?
  • Which month occurred the highest number of crimes I n each division?

Important Information for Students

  • The assignment should be submitted as a SOFT COPY to ICBT SIS on or before the due date.
  • The soft copy should be the completed document with the cover page, Turnitin report, and digital receipt in one file. Documents that are not in the correct format will be rejected.
  • Students must pay the re-assessment fee of LKR 5000 in order to activate the ICBT SIS portal.
  • Softy copy should be named as CIS
  • Students are expected to keep a backup of all the assignments. ICBT and Cardiff Metropolitan University have all the right to re-call for a soft copy of any assignment at any time during the course.
  • Students should sign a register upon submitting assignments which will be kept in the administration department of the relevant campus. This record on the register will be considered as the official record for submission.
  • Please note that plagiarism is treated as a serious offense and therefore the work you produce must be individual and original although may work in groups in some instances.
  • All sources of information must be referenced using “Harvard referencing” where a reference listing should be included at the end of the assignment.
  • Please note that the submission date given for this assignment is the final date that you can submit the assignment. No late submissions are allowed.
  • Please refer to Student Handbook on Assignments – Re-submission, mitigating circumstances procedure.
  • Please use the attached coversheet with the correct details.


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