You have been asked to run a one-week language training course for a small family-run firm based in Toulouse, France: tesol Assignment, SGU, Srilanka

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A) You have been asked to run a one-week language training course for a small family-run firm based in Toulouse, France. The business specialises in hand made chocolates. You would be working with a small group of 4 with an intermediate level of English. They have requested a business English course focusing on telephone skills, as they have to deal with English-speaking clients when orders are placed.

B) You have been asked to run a language training course for a large chocolate manufacturer based in Paris. They have many international clients and English is becoming more and more important as they expand. It has become apparent to the company that the English language skills of employees from various departments need improvement. They would like to start a series of lunchtime language classes focusing on the following skills: telephoning, sales presentations, dealing with written correspondence, and increasing their business vocabulary. The level of ability is mixed but none are absolute beginners. You would be working with middle managers from the marketing department, administrators, salespeople who liaise with clients directly as well as employees from the accounts department.

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