Ashane Nanayakkara

Ashane Nanayakkara

Ashane Nanayakkara

Masters in Database Management

Education qualification:

I have completed Masters in Database Management from Sri Lanka Institue of Technology(SLIT).

Subject paper expertise:

I'm expertise in Schema Mapping, Set up Microsoft SQL Server, Data Definition Language (Create, Alter, Drop, Truncate), Data Manipulation Language (Insert, Update, Delete, Select), Data Control Language (Grant, Revoke), SQL with Group by and Having conditions and many others.

Academic paper expertise:

I am an essay writer that is always on time with deadlines. I take great care to follow the guidelines and never make mistakes when it comes to submitting essays, case studies, or SQL queries as well as for DBMS projects which are already completed by me in my spare time.

Work experience:

Working as a senior database manager for the last 7.5 years, I have been able to learn new skills and abilities. These include using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 in order to write papers about databases that can be used by Sri Lanka Assignment Help clients with their own projects.

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