Critically discuss the impact placed on the Takeover Code of the UK since the takeover of Cadbury by Kraft: Mergers & Acquisitions Assignment, ICBS, Sri Lanka

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Critically discuss the impact placed on the Takeover Code of the UK since the takeover of Cadbury by Kraft.

Note: You are expected to assess the changes that have been brought to the Code in light of the facts surrounding this takeover.

Answer plan

  • Introduction
  • Reviewing the Global structure of Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Model of an acquisition
  • Mechanism of Stock purchase – what happens to the shares in an acquisitions
  • Model of a merger
  • Interrogation of M & A as a component of Corporate Strategy
  • Case law – consequences of Takeovers – Cadbury Kraft, Coca Cola & Innocent etc.
  • Discuss case studies – ex
  • Royal Dutch and Shell Petroleum
  • Merger between Nokia and Siemens
  • Interpretation of the legal regulations of Mergers and acquisitions in the UK
  • Rule 2.4 – The City Code
  • Other legal Regulations that provide Guidance – ex – Companies Act 2006 etc.
  • Other Legal reinforcement for Takeovers – ex-The Financial Conduct Authority, Competition and Markets Authority
  • Examination of the regulations governing a takeover in the USA
  • Analysis of the legal framework of the USA
  • Assessment of the Nature of Takeovers
  • Understanding the Takeover of Cadbury by Kraft
  • Overview of Cadbury
  • Overview of Kraft
  • The analysis of the takeover
  • The sequence of events in the takeover
  • Breach of Trust and False Representations by Kraft
  • Applicability of Extraterritoriality on Kraft
  • Discussion on the amendments to the Legal Regulations – to the code

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