Identify an organization that you are working for. You are required to undertake a strategic analysis of that organization: Strategic Management Report, OUSL, Srilanka

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You are required to submit a 2500-word individual assignment with two parts.

Part A:
 In a report of 2500 words, you are expected to critically discuss:

  • Identify an organization that you are working for. You are required to undertake a strategic analysis of that organization and make recommendations about a strategic management problem using the tools learned in the classroom. The analysis must be based on evidence using reliable sources.
  • It is advisable to use academic sources, most of these should be current, internationally, peer-reviewed articles (this is not to say that older, seminal work should not be referred to).

Although this is a business report, the expectations are that of academic underpinning with Harvard referencing will be used at appropriate places for good academic integrity.

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