Marko is a Croatian national who decided to exercise his free movement rights and move to Italy to find work: European Union Law Assignment, OUSL, Srilanka

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Formative Assessment 

Free movement of persons:

Marko is a Croatian national who decided to exercise his free movement rights and move to Italy to find work.  He arrived in Italy on the 1st of October 2023. 

Marko wishes that his Canadian girlfriend, Beatrix, could join him in Italy, as they are eager to start a family together.  The Italian authorities permit Beatrix to enter Italy but claim that she and Marko must be married in order for she can remain in Italy.

Marko is a qualified chemical engineer and is eager to work in the Italian petrochemical industry.  However, his application is turned down on the basis that positions within the industry are reserved for Italian nationals, on the grounds of national security.

Advise Marco and Beatrix as to their rights under European Union Law.  In answering the question, you should also explain how they can enforce their rights.

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