PGP9402 A war narrative may feature ‘an array of typical motifs: the noble example, the test of courage, the battle as initiation: MA in TLSC Assignment, OUSL, Srilanka

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A war narrative may feature ‘an array of typical motifs: the noble example, the test of courage, the battle as initiation, the collective adventure of the platoon, and the disjunctive return to the civilian world.’

Choosing any two of the typical motifs, critically discuss how Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried disrupts the paradigms and parameters of ‘traditional’ war narratives.

In your response, please pay attention to the text’s use of different forms and genres (e.g. short story, essay, autobiography, etc.).

  •  Focus on 3-4 stories in the text and critically explore how they relate to each other.
  • When discussing ‘traditional’ war narratives, please include references to these narratives across various genres and media (e.g., prose, poetry, visuals, film, etc.)
  • In your response, engage closely with at least 4 critical sources.
  • You are encouraged to draw on your work on the Novel and Short Fiction course, as well as on other courses, to inform your response.
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