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Assignment Topic: Koko - Buy now Pay later

Koko Buy Now Pay Later app was launched in 2021 and has grown to be one of the most famous and progressive Buy Now Pay Later apps in the county. The proposition of the business is very simple the app allows users to pay at over 2000 Koko accepted merchants in 3 interest-free instalments in a few taps using a credit card or debit card. This allows its users to better manage their month’s finances easily. The sole objective of Koko is to encourage better financial discipline and the app is designed to provide an initial spending limit based on certain demographic variables, which gets increased based
on the below factors which reflect the authenticity of customers and showcase better financial discipline.
1. Uploading NIC and salary slips and allowing app permission to track shopping activity.
2. Performing more transactions using Koko.
3. Paying before the due date of instalments.

Actions like late payments however will result in lowering the spending limit. And defaulting on instalments will lead to hard recovery measures and legal actions. In your role as the digital marketing consultant of Koko, the management has requested you to prepare a digital marketing and Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) strategy for Koko to understand market opportunities to scale the business. Management has requested you to prepare a presentation which includes the following tasks.

You are expected to:
• Use the SOSTAC methodology to appropriately present Task 01-03.
• You are required to submit a strategy document covering the three tasks comprehensively.
• Prepare a PowerPoint presentation covering the key points discussed under each task.

a) Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the digital macro environment of Koko related to Buy Now
Pay later platforms.

b) Conduct a situational analysis of Koko app and identify insights related to its customers and

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a) Define key goals to be achieved with Digital Marketing for Koko along the stages of the RACE

b) Formulate a fully-fledged digital strategy to drive new acquisitions and increase encourage
repeat purchases on Koko.


a) Define how a customer lifecycle management strategy can be managed for Koko to ensure increased usage of the Koko app.

b) Define KPIs and a monitoring framework for the Koko campaign to measure its effectiveness.

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