CSE4005 Explain what is data model, critically compare different data models and explain why older data models are being replaced by new data models: Software engineering Course Work, OUSL, Srilanka

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Design the database with the constraint that the available technology is relational.

  1. Explain what is data model, critically compare different data models and explain why older data models are being replaced by new data models. (LO1)
  2.  Analyze and briefly explain the different approaches to database design. (LO1) 
  3. Draw an entity relationship diagram for given scenario with proper standards. Identify important keys and represent different types of attributes and relationships. (LO2)
  4. Draw Relational Schemas. Effectively map conceptual data models with relational database schema according to the mapping algorithm. All the steps should be clearly mentioned. (LO2)
  5.   Create the database using SQL server. (LO3)

·         Practical submission and Demonstration (15 Marks)

·         NOTE: Make sure to enter at least 15 records for each table.

6.     6.      Write sql queries for the below requirements. ( LO3)

      Practical submission and Demonstration (10 Marks)

·         List of Borrowers of a particular car type

·         Sum of payments received within a given duration

·         List of car details that are in the fleet

7.   Provide the Test plan, test strategy, and proper test cases. (LO4) 

8.      Explain how verification and validation have been addressed in your database and the access rights to various types of users. (LO4) 

9.   Provide well-structured documentation including proper academic style and Referencing and in-text citation using the Harvard Referencing System. 

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