Design a suitable web application solution for the given scenario using PHP, JS, and MySQL: Web Design & Development Assignment, EMC, Srilanka

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Task 3 - Utilize website technologies, tools, and techniques with good design principles to create a multipage website (LO3)

 3.1   Design a suitable web application solution for the given scenario using PHP, JS, and MySQL (Screenshots of important code lines with proper comments and user interfaces filled with sample data must be attached to the documentation). Apply a database design for the proposed system and provide a well-normalized database design of the proposed system.  Provide evidence of the design, multipage website supported with fidelity wireframes, and a full set of client and user requirements.

3.2  Compare and contrast the multipage website created to the design document. Use your design document with appropriate principles, standards, and guidelines to produce a branded, multipage website supported with realistic content and Critically evaluate the web design , and development process against your design document analyzing any technical challenges you faced during the development. 

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