Explain and differentiate the different web technologies such as communication protocols, server hardware, operating systems: Web Design & Development Assignment, EMC, Srilanka

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Task 1 -  Server technologies and management services associated with hosting and managing websites (LO1)

1.1 Explain and differentiate the different web technologies such as communication protocols, server hardware, operating systems, and web server software with regard to designing, publishing, and accessing the Hospital Management System (HMS).

1.2 Identify and define the types of DNS and their uses of it, with clarifications on how domain names are structured. Review the effect of search engines on website performance. Provide evidence-based support for improving a site’s index value and rank of the Hospital Management System (HMS) through search engine optimization.

1.3 Identify and explain the common web development technologies and frameworks. Explain the tools and techniques chosen to develop the above web application and justify your choice by providing valid evidence.

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